Advancing Medical Care Through Virtual and Augmented Reality

Helping medical device companies Scale with Immersive Technology

Future World Studios

We create compelling 3D visual experiences for patients and clinical staff which increase procedure volumes and reduce the cost of training






Prepare patients and family members for medical procedures through immersive storytelling 


Clearly explain alternatives and visually show the benefits of your medical device and treatment


Put the patient at ease by proactively addressing common concerns and objections

An innovative way to engage and excite new doctors about your technology

Provide a training solution for doctors to take home and practice after a workshop

Efficiently train the doctor's staff, so they are more effective in supporting your treatment



Reduce Anxiety

Reduce anxiety and pain during procedures using VR  therapy

Reduce Delirium

Reduce delirium in ICU patients and improve treatment outcomes with VR therapy


About Us

Founded in early 2018, in Burlingame, CA. Future World Studios is breaking new ground in the healthcare industry by leveraging smart technologies, such as VR, AR and AI. Our track record for successfully building companies, years of VR experience and a passion for healthcare, drives us to create innovative solutions.

In fact, our founders and the extended “Future World family" share decades of industry experience across deep tech, medical training, biostatistics, clinical trials, and electronic medical records - we were already using virtual reality in patient care in 2010!

Raghu Bathina

Co-founder and CEO of Future World Studios, Raghu Bathina is passionate about harnessing technology to improve medicine.  A serial entrepreneur, he holds computer engineering degrees from both Purdue University and the University of Southern California. A highly-successful businessman, he’s found a niche founding and building highly-sought after tech companies.

In fact, he founded Ramp Networks, a router company that went public NASDAQ and was sold to Nokia in 2000, and QuickTree, which was acquired by Citrix in 2007. Most recently, he was the CEO of women’s healthcare company, Celes Care which provided tele-medicine assistance to 1000’s of women using a smartphone app.

Dr. Sridhar Prathikanti

Cofounder and President of Future World Studios, Dr. Sridhar Prathikanti, MD is a psychiatrist with direct experience using VR to help war veterans overcome PTSD. He received his MD from the University of Chicago.

In 2010, he was one of the first psychiatrists trained by world renowned VR specialist Skip Rizzo in PTSD/TBI desensitization. He worked at the National Institute of Health’s Clinical Brain Disorders Branch and the Office of Technology Transfer. He was also a Health Sciences Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at University of California.

He was on the board of Life Science Angels (LSA) and is currently an investor in LSA and a member of Bio Pacific Investors. He co-founded the San Francisco Society of Physician Entrepreneurs (300 strong).


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