Today, people are sleeping much less than they used to. On average we get 2 hours less sleep per day compared to a century ago! A combination of digital lifestyles, work pressure and 24x7 connectivity has made sleeping a lower priority. Less sleep at night means more tired at work resulting in dissatisfaction and loss of productivity. Many studies have shown the importance of sleep for the individual and for their organizations. 

Power Napp is a great way to get some rest when you need it. Napping is not a replacement for night time sleep, but it helps a person recharge during the day. Power Napp has been exclusively designed to help you take a brief rest at work or home. Just set your desired nap time and start the experience. You will be lulled to sleep and gently woken up at the correct time. We recommend lying down on your back, but you can enjoy in whatever position is comfortable for you. Studies have shown that even a 10-minute nap can improve alertness, cognitive performance and memory.

A nap can relieve stress and improve a person’s mood. Our human bodies experience a natural circadian dip, post-lunch, making us feel lethargic and dull. Therefore, between 1 and 4 pm is the ideal time to take a short nap. Power Napp comes with select environments and audio choices that are ideal for sleeping.


Power Napp is available exclusively on the Oculus Go VR headset.

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