Patient Education with VR

VR has an immense power to visually teach and clarify. Our VR guides help patients learn by doing. The user focuses and understands more because VR is immersive and experiential. In this way the patient is better prepared for complex medical procedures that might otherwise cause a lot of anxiety and doubt.

Studies have shown people retain 7x better in VR compared to reading. Relying on busy doctors and nurses or pamphlets to prepare a patient is time-consuming, inconsistent and not always satisfactory.

Patients often get anxious when they are scheduled for a cardiac procedure. From the time of scheduling till the time of the actual procedure, the anxiety can build-up. They are anxious about the unknown and what exactly is going to happen to them, their routine, their job, their family, etc.

Dr. Sudheer Koganti, Cardiologist

The Cardiac Patient Guide is an immersive VR experience where the patient learns through safe role-play.  In the comfort of a sofa, the patient dons a VR headset and “becomes” a character that is about to undergo a catheterization procedure.

There is a visit with a pre-assessment nurse who prepares the patient, a pre-op room session where an IV is inserted and the actual ride in a stretcher down the hospital corridor into the Cath-lab. The patient then gets a patient and doctor’s view of what happens in the Cath-lab and finally how they are cared for in the recovery room. The experience demystifies the process and alleviates anxiety because the patient goes through it in a safe setting. The overall experience is just under 10 minutes and can easily be shared with family members that may be just as anxious.

Hospital Benefits

  • All basic education is virtually delivered

  • Consistent information dissemination

  • Medical staff gains hours per week in saved time

  • Staff spend only quality time with patients

  • Higher patient satisfaction scores

Patient Benefits

  • Reduced anxiety for them and their families

  • Feel empowered to ask next level of questions

  • Can make informed decisions

  • Better mental preparation

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